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The Mind-Body Healing
Chronic Pain Program


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Effective treatment without drugs or surgery


What it works for:

Chronic back and/or neck pain
Chronic musculoskeletal pain in single or multiple sites
IBS (irritable bowel / bladder syndrome)
Fibromyalgia syndrome
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Many exzema / skin conditions
Some arthritic conditions
Sleep apnoea
Some endometriosis presentations
Other medically unexplained chronic pain
Other medically unexplained chronic fatigue


What its not for:

Pain from cancer
Most rheumatoid arthritis
Clearly diagnosed nerve injury
Some arthritic conditions


Cure or substantially improve your symptoms, or your money back.

Conventional treatments for chronic pain and fatigue syndromes are largely failing to deliver sustained relief. After my own recovery, in my professional role as a somatic psychotherapist I have had the honour of helping hundreds more people to tranform their pain.

Lets be clear… this treatment isn’t for all types of pain or fatigue syndromes.  But if you have a diagnosis listed above or something similar to it, I am very confident it can work for you too.  Thats why I am offering a money back guarantee, which is conditional on you doing the work required to get better. Its not a magic wand, and it does take work to recover.  The trick is knowing what kind of work to do and that is exactly what the program shows you.




Whether you’ve had pain for three months, three years or three decades, the mindbody principles can help you recover


Medicine has made some progress in the last ten years and generally recognises the role of the brain in chronic pain. But treatments too often focus on masking or managing the symptoms and not the real cause of the pain.

Effective and full recovery from chronic pain and fatigue requires:

1. Confidence that the diagnosis is appropriate for mindbody treatment
2. Intervention in the processes of thinking and feeling that underlie the symptoms
3. Calming the nervous system
4. Retraining the brain, mind and body to become free of, or substantially reduce the pain

A true Mind-Body intervention shares some aspects of, but is quite different from CBT. The Mind-Body approach sets the realistic (based on experience and the latest science) goal of curing rather than managing pain and involves work on the feeling/emotional component of pain syndromes, as well as thoughts and perceptions around the pain.

Too many people are stuck in pain treatments which are partially or poorly managing the symptoms.  The intention of this program is to make a genuine healing approach to the pain broadly accessible.


Real people, real recoveries




The new science of pain treatment is here.
Read it for yourself

The scholarly reader, practitioner or interested layperson is referred to the following peer reviewed journal articles as a starting point:

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Read more




The most comprehensive mindbody chronic pain and fatigue treatment program available online

The expertise of a world leading MD in holistic pain medicine…

I’m proud to offer this program in collaboration with Dr Howard Schubiner, MD, FACP Medical director of the Mind Body Medicine Program at Providence Hospital, Michigan USA. He is a world leader in the diagnosis and treatment of what Dr Sarno called TMS – Tension Myositis Syndrome.

Howard has generously offered all of the materials from his own online program. So when you sign up for the Mind Body Healing Pain Program, you get the complete package of Dr Schubiner’s work as well as my own specialist techniques in unlocking the keys to healing your symptoms.

… in collaboration with an Australian somatic psychotherapist specialising in mind-body healing for chronic pain and fatigue syndromes

After healing my own chronic pain and fatigue syndrome, I studied psychology and somatic psychotherapy and for the last six years have specialised in guiding people to heal their own symptoms, which may have been diagnosed as one or more of the conditions listed above.

I’ve presented at some of Australia’s largest holistic medicine conferences, but most importantly have helped hundreds of people to heal their symptoms in my private practice in Melbourne and via Skype.


What you get in the program

Correct diagnosis

How to recognise if your symptoms can be caused and cured by a mindbody intervention (and why many doctors are not able to diagnose this correctly)

How to work positively with your doctor

Break out of the loop of dysfunctional treatment cycles which unfortunately are all too common in the medicine of today. The course shows you how to work positively with your doctor towards a cure or significant reduction in your symptom, whilst taking back control of your own health.

A systematic mindbody treatment program

The program offers a systematic process to uncover and work through the real underlying causes of chronic pain and fatigue.

Step by step guidance

Our fully customised worksheets and symptom tracker will guide you step by step.  See your progress and understand better where you are getting stuck.

The six pillars of mindbody symptom formation

Understanding the relative contribution of the six main internal factors which drive chronic symptoms.

How to transform the pain and fatigue through MindBody Healing

Get clear guidance on how to apply all of Dr Schubiner’s and my own specialist techniques to work powerfully with your nervous system and create transformational change. Get clear guidance on how to work with thoughts, feelings, symptom substitutions, setbacks and learn to rewire your brain to turn off the painful symptoms.

Getting unstuck and advanced healing techniques

Get access to multiple powerful methods for working with the thoughts and feelings that perpetuate the chronic illness process. Not one technique works for everyone, thats why we have incorporated a multipronged approach to help you get unstuck and on the road to wellness ASAP.



Stand on the shoulders of giants

The program is inspired by and builds upon the pioneering work of Dr John Sarno MD whose work on the Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS) diagnosis has paved the way for so many ordinary people to recover from chronic pain and fatigue.



Get additional tailored support from a real human

If you need one-on-one support at any stage during the program, one of our therapists will be happy to assist you either in person or via Skype / videoconference.



Enrol today, risk free

Full program + practitioner onboarding + online forum

Online program: 12 months access to all materials.
Specialist practitioner 30 mins to read, assess your intake forms and help you work out what to focus on.
Includes (text based) community forum for questions, challenges, and support.
Money back guarantee (details below)


AUD $297  



Tailored one on one support + full program + online forum

Online program: 12 months access to all materials.
Specialist practitioner 30 mins to read, assess your intake forms and help you work out what to focus on.
Includes (text based) community forum for questions, challenges, and support.
Money back guarantee (details below)
PLUS 75 minutes one on one tailored support to get you off to a flying start.  Depending on the complexity of your presentation, this generally includes help with diagnosis and identifying the key areas you need to focus on to make progress.


AUD $497 


Our money back guarantee

We are really confident that if you do the work contained in the program you will see results.  It is not a magic wand (thats coming soon!) so we think a fair offer is that, if you have worked sincerely with the materials for somewhere between 6-12 months, and you are not happy with your results we will happily refund your money in full.


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