After our sold out screening last month we are putting on another screening on Sunday 3 September, 6:30pm… tickets through (search All the Rage)


Its about time we had a feature length film showcasing what has already been achieved in mindbody pain treatment. Well… we’re bringing it to Melbourne in July!

I’m excited to announce that All the Rage will be showing at Cinema Nova in Carlton to be followed by Q and A with director Michael Galinsky, myself and some other Melbourne based practitioners who have been inspired by Sarno’s life and work.  This follows packed out screenings in the US and rave reviews (9.4 stars from over 100 ratings) on IMDB.

From the filmmakers:

“Using a first-person approach to explore the work of renowned physician Dr. John Sarno, and his radical methods to treating back pain, ALL THE RAGE examines the connection between emotions and health. Through interviews with Sarno, esteemed patients, and experts, the film offers a profound rethink of how we approach our healthcare.”

This is a TMS-PPD community run, not for profit screening.  We have hired Cinema Nova for the screening and all proceeds will go to support the push for a landmark fMRI study of mindbody pain treatment being driven by Dr Howard Schubiner and Alan Gordon.

Because we are screening this ourselves, and hiring the cinema, Nova are not handling the tickets, so you will need to get them through TryBooking.  Note seats are limited and we are not able to sell tickets at the door so please get yours here to avoid disappointment!:


2 Responses to All the Rage screening at Cinema Nova, 16 July 2017

  1. Serge says:

    Hi Hal,
    I believe that I might have tms, but haven’t been diagnosed. How can I do that in melbourne if there are no tms gp’s? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.

    • hal says:

      Hi Serge
      Thanks for your question re diagnosis. In the absence of local TMS doctors, I help people to investigate their situation by first using a GP to rule out serious other causes for the symptoms, then evaluating the time of onset of symptoms as well as personality factors and other body clues which indicate TMS.
      I have usually found that if someone thinks they have TMS they generally do but it is important to get yourself checked out by a doctor to make sure its not something else.

      Hope that helps,


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