As my own healing process has unfolded I have found my capacity for authentic and vibrant self expression has grown also.  Blocks I previously experienced in finding my passion, and expressing this in the world have dissolved.

For me this has been about growing my own sustainability consultancy, and creating events to share the feeling of an evolving synergy between healing work and environmental change work… your own expression will be completely unique to you.

Getting paid properly to do what you love doesn’t need to be a pipe dream.  I am passionate about supporting change makers of all kinds to do the inner and outer work required to build an amazing life from a solid personal foundation.  Coming from a place of peace, energy and inspiration in your work is not only beneficial to your own wellbeing, but is also extremely useful in:

  • Staying strategic and ‘on-track’ with what you are creating
  • Avoiding poor decisions which cost you time and money
  • Supporting great working relationships with staff, partners and colleagues
  • Nourishing a creative frame of mind to allow you to meet challenges with great solutions

My services in this area draw from tailored combinations of:

  • Healing work to transform inner blockages to creating what you want in your life
  • Goal setting to provide structure and the right amount of ‘stretch’
  • Resourcing through my own knowledge and experience of change making
  • Networking and finding the right mentors

Gandhi suggested that the best way to make change was to ‘be the change we wish to see in the world’.  I am excited by the prospect of helping you to do the transformational work you wish to do… because I know for myself how powerful this is in enabling you to make the difference you wish to make in the world.




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