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Radix is a body oriented or somatic form of psychotherapy.  I often explain it to people as “using the wisdom of the body to heal the mind, and the body”.  That sounds rather grand I know, but I do believe that if you stick with it and keep doing the work on your bodymind, it will unblock and leave you with an accessible experience of the magnificence of your real self. There are so many cool things about working with the body as compared to just talking about issues (which is also important of course).  The body has its own language, in some aspects unique to each person, in other ways offering a universal pathway to feeling and healing of the deep psyche.  It is speaking to us all the time through our posture, our breathing, our extraordinarily rich “felt sense” to use Levine’s term, our tone of voice, how our skin looks, how our muscles feel, our ability to feel and express emotions … the list goes on and on.

If you are wanting to get more into your body, to explore this rich language, to open up your feeling senses to the amazingness of your physical form than I invite you to consider my Radix group program.   The program is part of my learning journey towards full membership of the Australian Radix association ARBPA and I have been running it on and off for the last couple of years.  I will be offering it again for at least part of 2015  until my final qualification workshop, and it is offered at a significantly discounted rate compared to my private practice fees.

Working therapeutically in a group context is highly conducive to deepening an understanding of our life challenges. Importantly, more than just a cognitive understanding, Radix body centred psychotherapy is about developing a tangible bodily sense of what we do to block the natural flow of our aliveness, and what we can do to choose a healthier way of being. It provides a range of experiences, insights and practical tools to help us to get to know ourselves in a deeper way.

The program offers a regular group throughout 2015 meeting fortnightly.  Group sessions are complimented with reduced fee one on one sessions which are a great way to get individual guidance on your specific healing goals.  They also allow an affordable place for integration of the insights and blocks which show up in the higher energy group context.

The program including one on one sessions looks like this each month:

Week 1:  private session
Week 2:  3 hour group on a weeknight (the first of these 3 hr groups will be Thursday 29 Jan, 6:30pm St Kilda Rd)
Week 3:  private session
Week 4:  6 hour group on a weekend day (the first of these 6 hr groups will be Sunday 15 Feb, 10:00am St Kilda Rd)
Week 5:  if there is a week 5 in a given month it is a break

I’m looking for approx 6 people (please note some of these spots are now taken) who are ready to embark on a transformative, authentic and enlivening journey into self knowledge and healing.

Radix is a powerful body oriented psychotherapy which uses a rich array of techniques, including talking, but going beyond talking, to connect with the body and the deep vitality and wisdom it contains.

Its relevant for a whole lot of different healing and wellness goals.


What is Radix?

Radix is a powerful body-centred psychotherapy which promotes change, growth and healing. The Radix therapeutic approach has developed over 50 years, beginning with the work of Wilhelm Reich (psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, student of Freud). Then with major contributions from psychologists Charles Kelly, Renan Suhl and Narelle McKenzie it has evolved into the potent body-oriented approach to psychotherapy that it is today.

In group and individual sessions, Radix is a form of therapy that involves talking, but goes beyond talking.  By guiding the client’s awareness into the present moment experience of their body, a vast field of awareness and relevant information becomes available.  Emotions, attitudes or traumas which may be getting in the way of what you want to create, but generally remain unconscious, are able to emerge and transform.

Working with breath, movement, sound, touch, and vision, the Radix practitioner assists clients to become conscious of the many ways in which they habitually facilitate or block their radix/energy flow (synonymous with the prana / chi / ki described in eastern philosophies and healing practices).  Clients discover experientially how their body structure and energetic processes support or limit the way they think, act and feel. Working with this awareness, clients are then able to make choices as to how to experience and express their aliveness in the world, adopting new ways of being that serve their needs and desires more effectively.  This way, you can transform inner conflicts and challenges into acceptance, positivity and lively engagement.

Whilst some people experience dramatic shifts in a few sessions, it is not generally useful to consider Radix as a silver bullet that will solve your problems overnight.  The work of transforming mindbody patterns which have been in place for decades takes a reasonable level of commitment of time and energy.  I therefore suggest a minimum commitment time to the group of three months.

Increasingly, modern neuroscience is rediscovering the importance of working with emotions over purely cognitive approaches in healing trauma and achieving long-lasting and integrated improvements in functioning. For an introduction on this topic see:  Dr Allan Schore and colleagues on “The Neurobiology of a Secure Attachment” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MD5MI-EACI0&feature=related)
More info on Radix via the website: www.radix.org

About the group program

  • The cost is $250 monthly, paid in advance.  To be eligible to join you need to commit to a minimum of 2 months and these first two months are discounted to $200 each month.  This 11 hour combo of 1:1 + group body-oriented psychotherapy work spread throughout the month would usually cost more than triple this price but is discounted because of:
    • minimum commitment and advance payment
    • feedback requirement (participants are asked to fill in feedback forms after each session to help me improve my practice)
    • occasional in-situ supervision of sessions by my supervisor
  • The venue for the group is my St Kilda Rd practice this is a gorgeous room accessible by tram (stop 25) or bike or car.
  • Commecement date will be Thursday 29 Jan, 6:30pm St Kilda Rd – full monthly program and dates are described above

There will also be some places in the group without the 1:1 component, in this case the cost is $125 per month which is also paid in advance. But I would advise people to go for the full program as the sessions are designed to compliment each other.


Places are limited so get in touch soon if you are interested to avoid going on the waiting list. Ideally clients will intend to participate in at least three months of this program.

Please note that participating in the programme may not be appropriate for everyone’s circumstances and you will need to discuss your needs and wants for personal growth work with me before being formally offered a spot.


If you are interested

Please contact me


6 Responses to Radix somatic psychotherapy group program

  1. Jabeen says:

    My son have a psychotic illness .he is much better than before.i would like to ask u it is helpful for him can u let me know please Thanks

    • hal says:

      Could you please contact me through my contact page, yes in some cases this can be useful for psychotic illnesses but it depends on the severity and circumstances. Regards, Hal

  2. Isabel Ellis says:

    Hi I am anew starter with Radix & a physychologist.I am in the hills area in South Australia.
    I would be interested in finding out more information on the group and individual sessions.
    I guess before going into too much are you local to South Australia?.

  3. Sophia Alexandra says:

    Hello Hal,

    I am interested in the Australian Mindbody Pain Treatment Program and would like more information please; the number of sessions, the time commitment and cost involved.

    Kind regards,

    Sophia Alexandra

    • hal says:

      Hi Sophia, thanks for your enquiry, please take a read of the “program” page and fill in the form at the bottom to register your application to beta test. Its free for testers and I anticipate you would need to spend approximately 3 hours per week, sometimes more sometimes less, to do the program and provide feedback.

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