Somatic psychotherapy

In any given session a unique combination of talking, meditative awareness, visualisation and physical expression of feeling is used to cultivate transformation and deep wellbeing.  Sessions are tailored to your individual needs, so each is itself unique and they go for 60-80 minutes.

I also speak a little bit about this in the video I have put on the home page.


Chronic pain treatment

If you are specifically interested in chronic pain treatment you may wish to spend some or all of your session discussing the mind-body approach.  There is an important theory component to this and also the specific way it applies to your individual circumstances.  The more you can accept the diagnosis the more likely you are to experience complete remission of pain and this often takes some time to work through doubts and concerns you may have.

The combination of Sarno’s diagnostic / treatment framework and somatic psychotherapy sessions is a potent combination for lasting pain relief in many conditions.



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