It is entirely normal to feel sometimes in life that something is not working.  If you are feeling anxious, or fatigued, or unable to make relationships work the way you want to, or your body is aching and the doctor can’t make it go away, or some other form of suffering, you are probably wondering if anything can be done to make it better.

If you have friends and family you can talk to, you may have already tried to access some support or asked for suggestions.  Often those who are close to us can be invaluable in working through life’s challenges. Sometimes however we can’t rely so heavily on loved ones, or the problem may also be about a relationship to them, or they just may not be able to help.

Good psychotherapy is a confidential, supportive and transformative relationship which can help you to resolve what it is that ails you.  Particularly in Australia we seem to have a cultural cringe about seeking help with a therapist, which is unfortunate because they just might be able to help!

In traditional psychotherapy you have an ongoing conversation (i.e. over a certain number of sessions) which hopefully becomes a therapeutic relationship.  Traditional “talk” therapy can help with a lot of common problems, and there are also things that it cant help much with.

The external site About Psychotherapy has some useful background on traditional forms of psychotherapy.  Its a bit light on for the more modern and multifaceted forms of therapy such as somatic psychotherapy, which is what I practice here in Melbourne.  You can read more about somatic / body-oriented psychotherapy on my site here.


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