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Mind Body Healing (Melbourne) | MindBody Healing

Welcome to mindbodyhealing.com.au.  I hope you find inspiration and resources here that are of use to you. I love doing this work because I have seen for myself, both in my own life and in the experiences of friends and clients, that with the right combination of effort and skill many of the common conditions which cause great suffering can be effectively treated.

VIDEO: How does somatic (body-oriented) psychotherapy create lasting change? (5:10)

The following conditions respond very well to an integrated “mind-body” approach (I will explain this term more below):

• Depression
• Anxiety
• Back pain
• Some other forms of chronic pain
• Relationship issues
Sexual issues
• Some chronic fatigue syndromes

On this site I use the terms “psychotherapy”, “therapy” and “healing” interchangeably because if it is done well, good psychotherapy should result in healing.  Healing can be defined as an enduring positive transformation in how you feel, physically, mentally and emotionally.  This is what I aspire to offer in my practice. The style of therapy I offer is influenced strongly by somatic (somatic means “of the body” or “body-oriented”) psychotherapy which sees mind and body as deeply related and able to powerfully affect each other for the better.

I am also interested in the science behind mind-body interactions, and the application of mindfulness and psychodynamic techniques to help people achieve lasting relief from their condition. For those interested in the academic research underlying my approach please see the page on evidence based chronic pain treatment.

If you are interested in psychotherapy but haven’t done any before, I recommend starting with what is psychotherapy and how can it help me?

If you have a physical problem such as chronic pain or fatigue and are wondering how the mind-body approach can help you please take a look at healing chronic pain or chronic fatigue with a mind-body approach

If you have tried other therapies or pharmaceuticals for depression or anxiety but haven’t been happy with the results, have a look at what can somatic psychotherapy / mind-body healing offer than conventional psychotherapy can’t?

Or you may be interested to browse the “therapeutic services” menu above for further information on my approach.

If you feel confused by anything and want some clarification, or want to speak with me directly I will be most happy to talk to you on the phone or in person.  I am currently practicing in the inner northern suburbs in Melbourne Australia.  You can find my contact details here. You may also be interested in a recent blog post of mine, “What do I mean by ‘healing’ “.

Thanks for visiting, and I wish you all the best with your own journey into healing.


Hal Greenham

Somatic Psychotherapist

BSc (Psych.), BA, Associate member ARBPA, AIMA


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