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What do I mean by “healing” ? | MindBody Healing

Healing is a somewhat loaded term.  For many it will conjure up exotic and wacky images of fish slapping together or bizarre rituals which do nothing to help, other than perhaps line the pockets of an unethical or delusional practitioner.  For others it sounds appealing, alluding to a more comprehensive form of therapy or medicine than what the doctor has to offer in a 10 minute consultation.

Healing, for me, and for most dictionaries it seems, has much to do with wholeness.  With reconciling different parts of ourselves and our lives in such a way as to deliver lasting and tangible changes in wellness… whether they are felt in the body, or the mind, or both.

In my own experience, healing meant the disappearance of a number of chronic physical symptoms but also the regularly recurring experience of deep peace. The journey is unique to each person, however I believe certain principles are true for everyone.  We all have the potential to transcend the limitations of our upbringing and life history, whether those limitations manifest in our mind, body, relationships or working life.  The successful practice of personal transformation, which is for me synonymous with healing, is the challenge.   This is a real (but by no means insurmountable!) challenge, because this often involves a greater awareness and acceptance of our ‘shadow’, those painful parts of ourselves which we would rather not face for one reason or another.

The good news is, whether your symptoms manifest as negative thoughts, feelings or physical symptoms, quality healing work offers lasting peace if you can stick with the process and deepen into it.  If you want to do it, you can and you will.

With the right support for this process, the amount of suffering entailed by owning the shadow pales in comparison to the reduction in the suffering we experience in everyday life.  We naturally become able to expand into our innate potentials for peace, for happiness, for satisfying relationships, for creativity and deep fulfilment.


2 Responses to What do I mean by “healing” ?

  1. Tim says:

    “healing meant … the regularly recurring experience of deep peace”

    sounds like the business.. i could use a little of that! i like your definition 🙂

    • admin says:

      Thanks Tim!

      We all need that feeling sometimes… the wonderful thing I have come to learn through doing integrated mind-body style healing work is that deep peace is a very normal state for the human organism.

      The trick is that we tend to get in the way of this experience, through the inevitable dramas and challenges of life, our inherited family baggage, and excessive thinking that has become a part of our culture.

      Once you have the tools to let go of the stuff that isn’t serving you, you tend to drop naturally back in to the rhythm of your bodymind, and the feeling of wellness, just, um, wells up naturally 🙂


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